QVerity’s training operation is staffed by former U.S. intelligence officers who are recognized worldwide for their experience in providing training in information-collection methodologies for government agencies, law enforcement entities and private corporations. Our core training program consists of the following modules, which are applicable to any industry, and have proven to be of significant benefit to a wide variety of corporate and public-sector enterprises.

Detection of Deception

The Detection of Deception course is a proprietary, interactive module based on proven intelligence-gathering techniques, and is designed to teach participants to detect deception in all forms of communication. All behaviors that participants are taught to recognize are cross-cultural and gender-neutral, so these techniques are effective in all parts of the world. Participants learn to identify verbal and non-verbal behaviors indicative of deception or lack of confidence, enabling them to focus on areas of concern during their interviews. Participants also learn how to incorporate their detection of deception skills into their existing interviewing and information-collection styles and methods.

Critical Interviewing

The module on Critical Interviewing focuses on improving the participant’s information-collection skill level. The module teaches participants how to better prepare and strategize for their interviews, and how to formulate questions that are most likely to achieve success in obtaining the information being sought. Participants are also taught how to create a conducive interview environment, and how to project a professional demeanor that facilitates the disclosure of information.

Elicitation of Information

Our Elicitation of Information module is an advanced class that further develops a participant’s ability to collect accurate information. The course provides participants with a low-key means of gathering information from an interviewee who lacks candor or is unwilling to divulge certain information. The participant learns a non-coercive, responsible approach that maintains cordiality and a positive impression of the interviewer.

Red Envelope Group Exercise

The Red Envelope Group Exercise is a team-based, real-time activity designed to further develop skills in detecting deception and critical interviewing in a friendly environment. In this unscripted exercise, participants solve a simulated crime in a live setting. This creative and popular advanced module helps participants identify individual strengths and weaknesses in areas ranging from the development of interview strategy and question formulation, to the actual interviewing of "suspects." The exercise is followed by an exhaustive debrief in which key learning points are reinforced.

Hemsley Fraser
In addition to providing training directly to clients, QVerity has partnered with international corporate training services provider Hemsley Fraser to deliver our courses though the Hemsley Fraser course catalog.


QVerity’s consulting practice provides customized services for public- and private-sector clients. Specific areas of expertise include:

Human Resources Hiring Process Optimization

QVerity works with HR and other screening professionals to optimize the employee vetting and hiring process. Together, we develop effective strategies to identify deceptive behavior, address problems that surface during interviews, and gauge the suitability of candidates for specific job functions based on interview responses.

Behavioral Analysis

QVerity conducts expert behavioral analysis on all of forms of commentary from high-profile individuals to identify areas in which veracity is a concern, and to provide insight into the scope and gravity of identified problem areas. This commentary from public figures, such as politicians, celebrities and athletes, typically includes press releases, media interviews, statements on personal websites and updates on social networking sites. The behavioral analysis of these resources is simply unavailable from traditional research firms.


QVerity’s coaching program is designed to reinforce the interviewing techniques learned in the courses offered under our training operation, and to ensure that those techniques are properly and effectively applied in actual screening interviews. The coaching process consists of four key steps:

  • Review of the screening interview and report, either in person or by video, by a QVerity screening expert.
  • Identification of areas for improvement in the screening process.
  • Formulation of strategies to improve the screening process.
  • Provision of ongoing feedback to the screener, either in person or remotely.


QVerity is a widely recognized leader in the field of personnel screening and vetting. QVerity’s experts have an unsurpassed expertise, and an unprecedented success record, in conducting screening interviews around the globe. Major corporations, defense contractors, high net worth individuals and the U.S. government routinely utilize these capabilities. We have a great deal of experience in conducting corporate interviews, with a particular strength in working with C-suite and other senior executives. These screening interviews yield remarkable insight into the character of individuals under consideration by those making hiring and human capital decisions.

Security Assessment

QVerity provides comprehensive safety and security assessments for high net worth families, commercial operations, and academic institutions. These on-site assessments yield a thorough threat/risk analysis that covers personal, local environment, physical, technical, and personnel security, along with a safety analysis that addresses specific preparedness and prevention issues. Clients are provided with an exhaustive list of recommendations that identifies all concerns raised by the analysis, and details suggested means of rectification.